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16 Responses to "Contact Tourette Syndrome Care Group Singapore"

how do i send in a paragraph for that darn tic

what is that darn tics adress so i can give them a paragraph for the magazine

Hi Brian
I happen to visit this blog and realise that you are keen to contribute to the darn tic magazine. I am the co-ordinator of TS care gp and was in charge of the publication. If keen, pls e mail me at


My name is Laura Printz, I attend the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I am currently enrolled in a class entitled “Medical Aspects of Disability”. I am looking to contact someone via email who has had experience working with or living with someone with tourette’s syndrome. I would be privileged to ask this person a few questions for a research project I am conducting for this class. I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Laura Printz

hi, i am part of a project group that is looking to aid the community in some ways. i am also a psychology undergraduate who is very interested in working with children who have tourettes as part of my project. are there any voluntary options or events where the care group needs help? do reply here.


Hi, I would like to share expriencing about my grandson in primary one and I suspect my grandson having TS…In one ocassion in my grandson classroom, one of the relief teacher scolded my little grandson the movements of his head and neck when his teaching in class…he just put down his head and feel ashamed among his classmate after the relief teacher scolded him. Pls advise

Dear Muhammad,
I’m sorry to hear about your grandson’s experience. I hope by now you have spoken to the school administration to ensure this doesn’t happen again. If know of a good doctor, please advise as we are looking for one for our nine year old daughter.

Kind regards,


Hi I am a mother of an 8 yrs old boy who has a tics or TS. I have notice his tics at first time at the age of 2 yrs old starting the uncontrollable blinking on his eyes . I’ll bring him to a neurologist and they do some stress testing on his brain but the result all ok. Then when he’s getting older I’ll notice that the tics was moving on his shoulder, necks, and finger toe and sometimes on his private part. The worst thing happen when he was 6 six old all of his body was uncontrollable moving. Again I’ll immediately send him to a neurologist they never give him a medicine they just monitoring my son tics the neurologist ask to do the MRI on his brain for further testing and again the result all is ok. I’ll just always advice my son not to eat to much fatty foods, sugar, caffeine and in take more water for doing this I notice that his tICS will lesser but sometime my son before hes going to Sleep if the TS attacking him he is crying and complaining of pain in the part of his body that uncontrollably moving. I’ll did try to learn some massage to ease the pain of my son every time the TS attack him. I think the best thing to do as a parent of a TS child is acceptance. Hope this will help based on my experience. I’ll need some advice too on how to handle my son TS since TS is a very rare disease and there is no medicine or treatment for this . I want to broaden my knowledge so that I can apply it to My son..

hi Michelle, I have a son who has diagnosed tourette. He is Primary four now. This is what I know. They will not feel the pain but they will feel ache or tired if theirs tics are around neck or face. If too extreme, medication will provide. but there’s no cure at the moment. The most important thing to lessen their tics is have them relax. And parents should accept them as what he is. Do not stress them and assure them that they are in safe hand.Care and more love will be the best medicine what they should have.I find meditation will more or less help as when they focus, tics will get lesser and lesser, but this will take times and perseverance.

Hi, I want to share the progress of my son Tics. I’ll stop bring him to the doctor for more than a year . I’ll find an alternative way on how to treat his tics and it works . From the advice of our elder I’ll try the traditional medicine. For those mother who had a kids with TS try this method . I’ll always massage my Son whole body with the Ginger juice every night for 6 months after massage don’t let them taking a bath or go outdoors plus avoid fan and I notice that his tics are improving . If you are curious you must try and find out if it’s also work to your kids.I am very happy now that my son doesn’t bothered anymore with his TICS.

1. How often do you meet?
2. Is there any workshop or seminar coming soon?
3. How to contact your org?

To whom my concerned,

Need a doctor who are quality to diagnose and certify Tourette Syndrome, Is there any doctor can recommend?

Is the group still active?
My 9 year old daughter has chronic tic disorder.

Hi Francis,

I got some reply from a few clinics last time I try to search myself.
Drop me an email if you wana have their contact, I can forward you.

Hi is there a support group for people with tourette’s?

Hi everyone,
I just saw in YouTube that there is a very effective procedure to ” get rid or minimise ”
TS and Tics. It makes use of special “denture or mouthpiece ” and the tics stops.Done by a dental surgeon. Just google ” Dr Anthony B.Sims and Tics”. I look forward to this amazing procedure in Singapore soonest.

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