Tourette Syndrome Singapore

Tourette Syndrome Care Group Singapore

Tourette Syndrome Care Group Singapore, or TSCGS, comprises people with Tourette Syndrome, their families and professionals. Tourette Syndrome Care Group Singapore was formed with the aim to support each other – help children with TS and their parents and families cope with the disorder.

TSCGS has 3 key missions.

  1. raise public awareness and educate the public.
  2. disseminate educational materials in the fields of health care and education
  3. provide moral support to victims and their families.

TSCGS hopes that one day, society will come to understand and accept that TS sufferers are just as normal as anyone else. Contact TSCG at

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I visited your blog. It is indeed tough to live with depression plus TS and yet deal with challenges in school. Dont give up. contact the support group if you are keen to meet up people who understand your challenges.

Is this still going on?
Can I help?
I very interested.

read from the blog that you are keen to help. Thanks alot on behalf of the Care gp. I am the co-ordinator of the group , our official blog is This current blog is put up by a group of undergraudate when they did a project in collaboration with us.
do keep in touch with me at

hye! i do have tourettes syndrome. i hate it at first..actually till now i hate it but i know i have to face the fact that i have to accept what god has created ! my tics are not really that severe but it gets irritated as it is very tiring to do the tics repeatedly eventhough you try to control it! my tics were blinking eyes,stretching arms,tend to repeat words ,turn my head to left and right.i really hope that there’s a cure for this syndrome.cause it’s tiring to leave in this way.. sometimes i feel like im abnormal.. 😦

read your post and agree with you that it is tiring , mentally and physically. are you on medication which may help to reduce the severity of the tics ?
but sometimes I feel that, if a person only have tics, he may still be able to cope. But, if he has tics, plus anxiety, depression and social issues etc, it becomes more difficult.
do take care of yourself so that you only deal with tics and not the rest.

I have facial tics,does medication helps?I heard it will cause weight gain,i cant grow fat anymore..Does botox helps facial tics,please advise..Which hospital or doctors should i consult?Please help me…

sorry for the late reply. Hope you can directly e mail to me bec I dont check the blog frequently.
It is true that some drug that suppress tics made your appetitie big. However, the commonly used drug “risperdal” dont really make you put on too much weight, just a little.
Botox injection need to be administered by neurologist if you try to use this method to reduce tics. Last time, one of the care group member went for Botox bec he had severe vocal tics. It was painful and effect was not that long .
If you wish to get better care, you may visit neurologist or psychatrist at private clinic. Otherwise, see polyclinic, then, the doctor may suggest that you see a neurologist or psychatrist in hospital at subsidised rate.
you pls e mail me if you want more specific recommendation. take care

Dear Karry,

Does riperdal reduces blinking eyes?My biggest problem is blinking eyes continously.Sometimes i have vocal tics but i still can control.I have a big event approaching,my sister getting married.I hope to look good on her big day,do not want to disgrace her.I intend to try botox though its only temporary.Please kindly advise which clinic can i go to..Can i have your direct emaill as i understand that you dont check blog frequently.I really needs help…

Hi ,
my e mail is , pls email me directly.
risperdal does reduce tics to some extent. However, everyone experience the benefits and side effects in a different way. You need to try out.
Botox injection was administered by dr Tan Eng Keng in SGH to one of our teen with TS, dr Tan is an neurologist. However, you cant just walk in to have injection. He need to assess you , only if he think it is appropriate, he will do it.
I know you wish to look good, but, pls try to be comfortable with yourself.
Keep in touch

Does anybody still visit this site? My daughter is nine years old and has had Tourrette’s for about two and half years. It used to come sporadically and she would be tick free for months at a time. However, now it is more on than off. It also used to seldomly come during the day and come mostly at bedtime. However, now she has ticks during the day also. She recently missed school for a day and half for the first time because of her ticks.

She does not have a doctor yet as up to now we have managed without professional help or medication. However, now we need to see someone for help and medication for when the tics become too unbearable for her. Any advice? Is anybody out here?

Please reply here if you have any advice for us so I get the email notification. Thanks.

Hi Dave
Karry here, the co-ordinator of the care gp.
If your child needs to see a doctor, pls email me at in future.
are you planning to see a doctor at KKH(neurologist or psychatrist) or Child Guidance clinic(psychatrist ) ? if medication is required, you will be consulted.
If you wish to see a private practitioner, pls email me direct and I can recommend. I have some contacts.
Take care.

Hi Dave

I had Tourette Syndrome as well when i was a child,i am 30years old.My tics are blinking hard continously,vocal tics,rolling of eyes.Many different funny tics will just come and go.I went to look for Dr Tan a neurologist at SGH to have my botox injection on my eyes to reduce blinking.What are your daughter tics? I can understand how you feel as a parent.

Hi everyone who is affected by TS
after interacting with people that have TS for about 10 years (including my son), I believe that most people’s condition improves over the years. So, have hope.


I am a Forty one this year. I have no idea what TS and Tics are till my son show signs of it. He is going to turn 5 in 2 months and has recently develop a major head jerking tic. It actually started about a year back with eye blinking and some minor facial tics which comes and go.

From doing research over the last few months I have also found out that it runs in the family from my father to my brother and me. My father has a vocal tic and my elder brother has a facial and body jerking one, while I have both but much milder, fortunately both me and my father have grown almost tic free over the years, and my brother has improve a lot compare to his adolescent days. We however do live very normal life.

I am very concern about my son as I watch him. It pains me to know what he will go through if it continues.

I have not seek any professional help yet. But has found hope in a book call ‘ Natural treatment for Tics & Tourettes’ by Sheila J Rogers, there is also a related website at

They have many positive examples and professional articles on treatment that works.

I really need to know if anybody has tried it yet?

Please share.

Thank you.



Is any body out there at all? I really need some professional help here!


pls contact me at , I am the co-ordinator of the support group.
alternative treatment have been tried by some members. The response depends on individual. Maybe can try to reduce milk / sugar intake.


hi everyone
I have a 10 year old daughter who started with tics 3 months ago…has anyone tried accupuncture and if so,could you recommend where to go?

not many of those in the care gp have tried acupunture. For the one or two have tried, the results fluctuate and depends on individual response.
Unless the practitioner have used this to treat people with TS, have seen good progress, otherwise, he is just experimenting . Plus , 10 yr old may be feel very scared. Is it ?
In future, pls write to

Hi Serena and Everyone,

Just want to share that I have got some very positive result from and their forum. And also from reading a book called ‘Natural treatment for tics’. It was however a very difficult and taxing process to change the environment and diet for my son. But detacting a ‘trigger’ and watching him improve was well worth it. It is also very sad that none of the professional medical personal that we have seen so far believe there is a natural treatment for ‘tics’ and TS.

I am still working hard on it and I pray that I am on the right track.

I sincerely hope that every one especially the children with Tic and TS can improve or even totally eliminate tics.

I urge all parents with children who has TS to look into these, it is very safe and at least there is a chance for your child to improve on his or her condition.

God bless you all.


Hi, i totally agree that diet modifications , appropriate exercise, gd stress management , relaxation are befenicial. Actually , this applies to all of us. Coloring, sweet, milk,anxiety ,illness and lack of sleep usually aggrevate my son tics.
All the best

hi All
I have found that by doing accupuncture…3 times a week,her tics have reduced quite abit,it takes patience as she has been for about 20 sessions.To be honest we tried one accupuncturist and found that there was no difference.We now go to Thong Cai Institution and see the accupuncturist there(more experienced ones are on the weekdays,have not had a good experience with the ones on weekends)Be warned,its first come first serve basis and there are long waits.Please let me know if you are interested as I have finally worked out how their system works,and can give tips.She is also on magnesium,vitamin B and fish oil.I have changed her diet…no sweet things now for 4 weeks,lots of natural nuts,a teaspoon of flaxseed oil in her food once a day,a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice…now I look out for things that have artificial preservatives,coloring etc….and stay away from those products.Its a good change for the whole family.
It would be good to find out what triggers her tics,but we are not there yet!Please let me stress,accupuncture is not a cure but it has reduce her tics.Hope this helps

Hi Serena,

Thanks for sharing. I am really glad that acupuncture is working out for you. I have not taken my DS to a acupuncture yet, because his tics are down to a manageable level now. What we did was apply a very similar diet as yours but also try to avoid food with high salicylate, no supplements though. But the main trigger we suspect was the TV or the show he watches. Before this he was watching about 2 hours of TV a day, his favorite show was Ben10. He was really obsessed with it up to even remembering the dialogue by heart. And recite it for up to an hour in bed before he sleeps. When we notice that his head jerks the most when watching TV. We decided to take it away. 3 days after we took both the TV and his Ben10 shows away, his tics was almost gone. Some of his minor tics did return but the major head jerk has almost stop except for a few minor neck stretching action over the course of the day. It has been almost 3 weeks without TV already and he has been stable. Except for the last 2 days which I gave him a Steroid Nasal spray for his sinus. It did flare his head tics a little, but i stop since last night and he was better today. I found out later that steroid does increase tics. Anyway I really hope I am on the right track. It might be a little early to tell but I pray to God that all will be well soon.

But what scares me most are his little action, like kicking in thin air and biting hard on his teeth repeatably. I have a phobia that it might become a new tics. Anyone has any experience with that?



Tks for sharing. During these past ten years , my son has gone through all those alternative treatment, supplements, visited diff type of therapists . Some books published by american recommend those stuff as well.
Every one respond differently. All the best


Your experience sounds so familiar. Many of us in the support group traveled this journey, tried v hard to guess the trigger and prevent tics. Ten years passed, i no longer try so hard. Tics come in different form, natural to worry, but try to manage your fear.
Take care.

Anyone know of a primary school that has a more appropriate setting or teachers that are familiar with teaching children with TS?

Dont think can give u name of any sch. Honestly, even teachers fr same sch relate to students in diff ways. By the way, students with ts dont really need special setting.
Sorry to disappoint u.

hi all
Yes,I agree with the too much tv,computer games etc does trigger her tics.I am quite interested to find out if chlorine does too as I noticed the last to,we were at the pool,she had a bad bout of head bobbing.Let you know,weather permits,will take her for a swim this weekend.I also agree with Karry in that this is something as parents we have to accept and move on.As for schools,she is in an international school.

My opinion is, some of them will be triggered by new paint and strong chemical. So, do observe and if there is consistent trend,u can draw conclusion , then educate the child.
take care all of u.

Thanks for response. I hope everyone with TS can find their possible triggers and improve over time. I only found out about TS when my son’s tics surfaced about a year ago, I reliased that I too had TS for most part of my life. I do recall that my tics got so much less after I quit smoking about 8 years back. I can actually control it and the only time I tic is before I sleep, I find it to be very relaxing. I do however take an occasional cigarette which sometimes bring my tics back. I had always thought I had a respiratory problem, until now.

I strongly believe that tics can be manage by being aware of what go into your body. I will continue to work hard to keep my DS’s condition under control despite what the doctors has been telling me.

Glad to know that your condition improve. Smoking is bad for every body, so, pls continue to stay free fr cigarette . A small number of the caregivers who contacted me also have tics, in some cases,it is genetic . Take care

Hi, my son 14yrs old… He is autistic and just confirm by doctor today…. He is multi tics disorder.
Pls help!!!

Hi Winnie,

I am not too sure about autism. But my son had a multiple tics which started about 5 months ago. (Please read my other posting). I have change his diet and remove some other possible triggers. He is almost tic free now. It seems that I am on the right track and I prey to God that I am, so you might want to consider diet change, I do not know if it will work out, but I sincerely hope it will improve things for you if you are to proceed with it. God bless!

Dear winnie
Hope you take one step at a time, take care of yourself too. It is a journey that needs alot of patience fr caregivers. Pls remain hopeful that his conditions will improve too.
For children who are autistic, i observed that they are more frustrated if they are not able to verbalise cleary. So, i feel that it is essential to emphasise in this area of therapy. Social skills can be trained too. All this takes time.
As for tics, i agree that it is gd to cut down on milk, sugar, artificial coloring, jank food, sweet drinks. Avoid too much excitement or boredoom may helps too.
Do keep in touch by sending mail to

My son is 12 years old. He is suffering Tourette Syndrome since year ago. But we only realized it recently after surfing Internet and seeing the Doctor. His tics was mould early this year but became severer recently. Specially after school. He not only jerking his head but also shout very loud. Sometime with four letter dirty words. What can do to help him. Thanks.

Hello, this is Karry here. My son was diagnosed with TS at the age of 10 and he is 22 year old now. During this 12 years, I have interacted with caregivers and people with TS. So, I really know it is a pain to see our beloved son go through this. It still hurts me till this day.
Pls take care of yourself because this is a journey that needs a lot of courage, patience and love. Continue to seek help from psychiatrist and psychologist if he is in distress due to negative attention from others, or if his self esteem/ social life/ results are affected . Hope that the school counsellor can connect with him too.
No magic can make tics go away, so, I suggest you observe the trigger for stress/ anxiety or food allergy, then, guide /support him in the best way you know how.
Take care
my email is

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Hi which therapist or neurologist is recommended for ts in kids? Where to get magnesium as I read about it on websites but in Singapore, only calcium magnesium available.

Kids can get referral from Polyclinic to see neurologist in KKH. Or just call in as private patient be prepared to pay more. .KKH neurologist can give proper assessment.
If you wish to see private practise doctors then I dont have recommendation.
Many years back my son took magnesium from a private practise nutrition advisor but we have lost his contact. Please check with GNC.
Pls email to for further question. Take care

I hv bought calcium magnesium syrup from gnc and that is the only thing they hv on magnesium for kids.

Checked holland and barrett also and both are hesitant to recommend magnesium pills for kids. Think need prescription from doctor.

My son about 15 years are suffering from tic disorder.

Good day, I want to ask about any group therapy in malaysia. I cant seem to find any. I have a relative who has tourettes. And i want to help her out. Thank you

Hi, I think my son has a tic disorder based on the involuntary movements I have seen him displayed over the years and not improving. I am very concerned and wants him to be assessed asap so as to get the right treatment. Can anyone kindly recommend a neurologist for child/teenager? Any in NUH? Thanks…

Hi everyone, I have two bottles of Tic Tamer from NativeRemedies that I would like to give away for free. I bought three bottles from Amazon some time ago. After I tried on my son for a short while, a doctor friend came to visit us and confirmed that my son did not actually have tics or tourette syndrome. So I discontinued immediately.

I opened one bottle already and the other two bottles are intact, which I hope can still be useful to someone rather than end up in the dust bin. The expiry date is July 2018. Anyone interested, please email me at

Is this group still active

Hi, I need advise and help. My son is 8yrs old and has TS. Does TMJ mouth guard really help?

Karry here. sorry. have not been active on this site. Nevertheless, still receive phone call from caregivers who are concern for their children due to involuntary movements or noises.
Time flies, i started this journey with my son when he was 9 and he is 28 now, completed his education and working for a few years. So, hang on there everyone.
If u wish to talk to me or my son, call 96265433 in the evening.

I’m Korean father who has a son with tic disorder. We live in River valley and we brought some amount of Abilify from Korea but we are not taking the drug yet. My son’s symptom is getting worse so I want to know where is the best hospital for my son.
We want to discuss with doctor about..
1. When we have to start Abilify.
2. Monthly cost for the regular treatment with/t insurance (condition for the reimbursement)
3. How to communicate with my son.
4. When it will be cured.

Can you recommend good doctor?

May I know Is this group still active?Thanks

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