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Parents: Suspect Your Child having TS?

Who should you seek help from if you suspect your child has Tourette Syndrome?

The first step towards the correct form of treatment would be to confirm if your child does indeed have Tourette Syndrome. There are 3 different specialists whom you can approach to identify if your child does indeed have Tourette Syndrome. They are the Neurologist, Psychologist and Therapist.


A Neurologist is a physician specializing in neurology. Neurology is a medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system of a human being.


A Psychologist is a practitioner of psychology. Psychology is the systematic investigation of the mind. Psychologists who are trained at the Doctoral level are also skilled in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests and assessment


A therapist may provide your child with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy mainly aims to influence the patient’s problematic emotions and behaviors by examining the patient’s personal cognitions, interpretations, beliefs and responses.

Before you Google for a suitable doctor online there are a few important “Pre Doctor Appointment Preparation” we would encourage you to make.

Pre Doctor’s Appointment Preparation

Item 1 : Soul Searching

We would strongly advise you to put some serous thought into deciding which type of specialist you would feel most comfortable with. Furthermore it is important to take into consideration your child’s age as some treatments are not suitable for young children.   Do note that you do not have to stick with the first doctor you visit, it is important that you identify a specialist whom you and your child can relate to

Item 2: Correct Treatment Attitude

As there is no cure for Tourette Syndrome it is thus important that as parents your goals for the treatment isn’t to eliminate the Tics. The objective of the treatment should be aimed at managing the symptoms thus allowing your child optimum function of his body paving the way to a normal life.

Side Effects

There is no universally effective medication for Tourette Syndrome thus it is important to monitor the progress of your child should he be put on any new drugs. Medication for Tourette Syndrome are not free from side effects thus it is important to clarify with your doctors what are the side effect of the drugs before you decide if you would want to put your child on them. One of the most common side effects from Tourette Syndrome drugs are that patients tend to become were drowsy after taking them. Hence if your child is still schooling you may want  Also note that side effects might differ depending on individual cases.

Item 3: Documents you should prepare

Being prepared for the First consultation at the doctor’s place is important as it is proto call for the doctor (all 3 different specialists) to ask you some very important questions. The doctor would ask questions such as “does anyone else in your family have Tourette Syndrome”?

Homework 1 : Family History Checks

We propose that you do a family back ground check to identify if there is anyone in the family tree who has or may have Tourette Syndrome. Additionally we would encourage you to recap on your childhood memories and to screen them to identify if you suffered from Tics as a child that you later grow out of. (Note: do not be embarrassed to acknowledge the fact that you had tics as a child; remember the doctor is there to help)

Homework 2 : Diary

It is advisable for you to start recording your child’s tics habits. It is important to include information such as

  • what are his Tics
  • how often it happens
  • What situations makes it worst

These information will help the doctor in concluding if your child has Tourette Syndrome.


3 Responses to "Parents: Suspect Your Child having TS?"

[…] Parents: Suspect Your Child having TS? […]

My daughter start blinking eye abt 2week.already bring her to a eye doc..but still not recover?,,i abit worry isnt a tourette …

Hi, I have tics since childhood. I plan to seek help from specialist. Any recommended specialist?

I am more inclined to to see a therapist.

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