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While many of the videos uploaded on Youtube make fun of Tourette Syndrome and are meant for laughter, there are several videos on Youtube that genuinely attempt to answer commonly asked questions on Tourette Syndrome. Here are 2 of them, uploaded by Tictionary, a TS individual with OCD from UK, who has uploaded many videos that has helped many people around the world to understand the true nature of tics.

1. “Why some tics can be held back while others can’t”

Some people have asked me why some tics can be held back while others can’t. Here is an explanation of the degree to which tics are involuntary. It also explains why some people say their tics are completely involuntary and uncontrollable while other people say they are more like compulsions and that they can hide them.

When I talk about the involuntary sensations, these are what are known as ‘sensory tics’ and ‘premonitory urges’.

2. “Tics and compulsions: The big difference”

Many people think that tics and compulsions are on different ends on the same spectrum. Although they are connected in some ways and people with either Tourette syndrome or obsessive compulsive disorder will often have traits of the other, tics and compulsions are different in that they are responses to different things.

I also talk, in the second half, about the compulsion spectrum and obsessive compulsive disorder, although I haven’t given this much thought and don’t know as much about it as the tic spectrum.

Watch more of Tictionary’s videos on Youtube here. Please note that the videos uploaded by Tictionary are meant for education purposes only and belong to Tictionary. In the videos, she also speaks based on her own personal experience and not on any scentific or medical findings, hence viewer discretion is advised.

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