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Getting Started

Posted on: November 5, 2008

Hi! Welcome to the blog of Tourette Syndrome Care Group Singapore. This blog strives to promote the awareness of Tourette Syndrome in Singapore.

If you’re new to this page, here is a simple guide on getting started.
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7 Responses to "Getting Started"

cool, good job done on this blog!

awesome effort =) keep it up!

This website is really educational, providing the readers with a variety of information about the tourette syndrome.

Well done! Keep it up up up! 🙂

SMU young people
your effort in promoting TS is much appreciated. On behalf of the friends of TS Care group, we say a big THANK YOU to you. good job.

Great effort! The blog is informative and concise and provodes the information that people really need. And I’m glad that you all have decided to make an effort to promote awareness on Tourette’s Syndrome! The Tourette’s Syndrome community will be greatly pleased 🙂 Keep it up!

Thanks for this! We really need to raise public awareness on Tourette Syndrome in SG. My husband has TS & he had been through a difficult time during his childhood as he was often ridicule by his classmates, scolded numerous times by his teacher for being noisy (vocal tics)…..even his mother would lock him in the storeroom juz to make him “behave”. Alot of Singaporeans are not aware of this condition. We would often get rude stares n sneers when we are out in the public. Thank you for this blog….I really hope one day all Singaporeans will embrace n accept people with TS, they are no different from anyone of us. God Bless, Kate.

kinda wish this site was still active!

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Welcome to this new blog!

This blog was set up with the mission of striving to reach out to the public in Singapore and educate them about Tourette Syndrome through different initiatives.
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