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Talks on Tourette Syndrome in Schools

Posted on: September 14, 2008

As part of our plans to promote the public awareness of Tourette Syndrome, we are trying to reach out to primary and secondary schools in Singapore to allow us the chance to organise and hold educational talks on Tourette Syndrome in their schools. As we realised that symptoms of Tourette Syndrome start to develop between the age of 8 to 14, the lack of knowledge of Tourette Syndrome among this age group leads to frequent teasing and bullying of young children with Tourette Syndrome. There are even cases of teachers mistaking kids with Tourette Syndrome for being mischievous or rebellious whenever they display TS symptoms such as tics in class.

Therefore, it would be very benefical to children with Tourette Syndrome if we can start promoting awareness of this often misunderstood neurological disorder in primary and secondary schools. If you are from the education industry and would like to improve the welfare of young students suffering from Tourette Syndrome by collaborating with us, please kindly leave a comment behind anywhere on this blog.


7 Responses to "Talks on Tourette Syndrome in Schools"

Hey there, I’m so delighted to get to know your blog….
I work with children with special needs. Please email me on how we can collaborate with my school. Thanks….! Good job guys!

Hi Fidah
contact me at , I am co-ordinator of singpoare TS care gp.

Love seeing blogs that support awareness or news about Tourette Syndrome. Thanks

Suspect my child has the above sickness. Tend to mischevious n giving problems in school n home. I really need a helping hand.

I am not a doctor but I do have a son with Tourette Syndrome. I can only speak from my experiences with my son. First, you really need to find a neurologist to work with you. There are pyschologists that work with this disorder, but in my experience they are working on coping with the disorder. Just a warning, it is hard finding doctors that are experts with this disorder.

You mention mischevious and giving problems. Can you describe this and provide examples? These are not a characteristic of Tourette Syndrome, but may be associated with adjunct disorders such as ADHD. Tourette Syndrome is about movement tics and vocal tics. A tic can be eye blinking or other repetive movements. And then they can do vocal things. My son for about 3 months hummed. The hum only lasted seconds be it was going on over and over again. Obsessive compulsive disorder also sometimes comes with Tourette Syndrome. This is an urge do do something over and over again.

Keep in mind all of these things are involuntary. The child may be able to supress them for a while, but eventually they will come back. I want to stress the word involuntary. Most people can not understand this.

Hope this discussion helps. You can reach out to me any time.

Hi WI Snowflake

Your son have any medication?

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