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Treatment & Medicine


There is no cure for Tourette syndrome, it is a life long condition. The current medical technologies only allows TS individuals to manage their symptoms allowing them the optimum function of their body paving the way to a normal life.  There are 3 different specialists whom can identify if a person does indeed have TS. They are the Neurologist, Psychologist and Therapist. These doctors would conduct tests on the patients to determine if they do indeed have TS.


A Neurologist is a physician specializing in neurology. Neurology is a medical specialty dealing with disorders of the nervous system of a human being. Under the study of Neurology, Tourette syndrome is classified as a movement disorder.


A Psychologist is a practitioner of psychology. Psychology is the systematic investigation of the human mind. Psychologists who are trained at the Doctoral level are also skilled in the administration and interpretation of psychological tests and assessments.

Psychotherapy can aid the TS individuals to better cope with their disorder and deal with the secondary social and emotional problems that sometimes occur.


A therapist may provide the TS individual with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy mainly aims to influence the patient’s problematic emotions and behaviors by examining the patient’s personal cognitions, interpretations, beliefs and responses. CBT can be very effective in treating Tourette’s, especially in cases where obsessive-compulsive disorder is also diagnosed in the patient.

Current Therapy treatment also includes relaxation techniques that aim to help the TS individual to relax. The treatment is built on the fact that TS individuals tend to Tic less when they are relaxed. These relaxation techniques include deep breathing techniques which help the TS individual to quiet down. TS individuals are also encouraged to focus on a difficult but pleasant thought to help distract themselves from the Tics.

It is important to note that all Tourette syndrome cases are assessed on a case by case basis by Professionals. All treatments and medications have to be tailored to specific individuals as different individuals will react to different treatments and medication differently.

Medication & Side Effects

There is no universally effective medication for TS thus it is important that TS individuals monitor their personal progress after any new drugs is introduced into their treatment.

Medication for TS are not free from side effects ,one of the most common side effects from TS drugs are that patients tend to become were drowsy after taking them.

Side effects vary greatly from each individual cases hence as a safety preclusion doctor would introduce new drugs into their patients treatment slowly. The progressive increase in dosage would better allow the doctors to monitor their patients’ progress.

Mild & Medium Cases of TS

As the majority of TS individuals only suffer from mild or mid Tourette syndrome their tic symptoms do not often cause impairment to their daily lives hence they do not require medication for tic suppression.

Severe Cases of TS

However TS individual who suffer from a more severe case of Tourette syndrome may require medication to help them suppress their tics allowing them a greater control of their bodies.


5 Responses to "Treatment & Medicine"

Hi there,

I have a relative who has TS problem. He is 21 years old now and his TS is really severe that he can’t even control it. May I know where should he seek help ? May I know is there any of this TS care in Hong Kong or can you please introduce a doctor to me.
Many Thanks,

HI Deanna, Could you please let me know if you find a doctor who helped you with TS problem. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards, Monika

I would like to know more ts patients. ALso cure? I see TCM which don’t seem to help much

Pls leave me a what up at 98276473 so we can help support each other:)


I am a 34 year old male, and I think I have tourette’s. Does your group have a headquarters, or do you organise meet ups or have in-house doctors to diagnose?

Its been causing me trouble since prinary school…wish i could stop it. thanks!

Hi is this group still active?

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